Frequent Questions

Is Drink & Shrink safe to drink?

Yes. Drink & Shrink is a combination of natural ingredients to boost metabolism and stamina, while promoting weight loss..

Will I gain weight if I stop drinking Drink & Shrink?

Drink & Shrink does not contribute to the yo-yo effect of gaining weight when not taken. Drink & Shrink gently boosts metabolism to further increase the burning of stored fat when taken with a steady routine of diet and exercise.

Can I exercise if I take Drink & Shrink?

It is encouraged to maintain a healthy diet and exercise while taking Drink & Shrink to have the best results.

How fast do results occur?

With a combination of a healthy diet and moderate exercise, results are more efficient. Fast results differ in people with different metabolisms. We recommend 12-Hour Intermittent Fasting, paired with a healthy diet and moderate exercise for better results.

Is Drink & Shrink a detox or a weight-loss supplement?

Drink & Shrink has vitamins and minerals that are commonly found in detox and weight-loss supplements. Together they form a nutritionist approved weight management solution.

How many packets come in one box of Drink & Shrink and how long does it last?

In one box of Drink & Shrink there are 21 packets. One box of Drink & Shrink is recommended to be taken within a one month period.

Are there any side effects to Drink & Shrink?

There should not be any side effects after drinking Drink & Shrink. Our formula is all natural and contains essentials vitamins. You might experience some dehydration if you do not drink enough water so we recommend lots of water, a healthy diet, and moderate exercise.